Decorum Paint

The challenge of this student project was to create a paint label for a fictitious fashion designer turned interior designer. The interior designer launched a new furniture collection and wants to create a line of paint that coordinates with it. I chose Rachel Ashwell as my interior designer and her furniture line as my inspiration for the paint label. The finished paint labels utilize typography and my own photography, coupled with a little creativity to complete a sophisticated, vintage and fashion inspired look. The rose pattern on the side of the paint can and the vector "lace" calls to the textiles used in interior design. I also incorporated fashion design by adding "accessories" to the can. I created a "belt" that wraps around and added some "jewelry," a tag with a crystal.

I also constructed a shipping container that doubled as a point of purchase display. The perforated sides were designed to be torn off leaving a beautiful vintage-inspired backdrop for the paint cans.

Package Design

Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe InDesign CS5

Paint label front


Paint label side 1

Side with hanging tag and crystal

Paint label back


Paint label side 2


Group of paint cans

Decorum Paint (family) The large cans have different colors that coordinate with the type of finish it is (i.e. red is glossy, green is flat, and lavender is eggshell).

Paint can tags

Detail of the tags

Paint can shipping box

Decorum shipping container

Paint can shipping box converting to point of purchase display

Shipping container unfolded

Paint can point of purchase display

Perforated sides are torn away leaving a great POP display for the paint cans.

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